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Last Chance To Apply For Cannabis Licensing Is Fast Approaching.

For those businesses that didn't apply in Phase 1 or Phase 2, the last chance to enter the Los Angeles Cannabis industry is fast approaching. Most industry insiders (CLS included) believe the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulations will begin accepting applications for Phase 3 non-retail operators on June 15, 2019. Our experts at California Licensing Services can help!


From assistance in identifying a compliant property to complete licensing application support, our experts are here to help. With over a decade of experience as an attorney in the marijuana industry, Steve Baghoomian has advised hundreds of businesses through regulatory labyrinth of cannabis licensing.


Known in the industry as the "experts who experts turn to," CLS has now created a more accessible, cost-effective option for the masses. With streamlined and collaborative workflows, digital collaboration, and through the use of proven templates, CLS is on a mission to provide big firm service for a fraction of the price. 


After an in-person meeting with Steve, I felt even more confident in my decision to move forward with my dream. Steve provided me with two clear checklists - his responsibilities and ours. Throughout the process, he kept us up to date on his progress and routinely checked in with our team to be sure that we were upholding our end of the project. In less than two weeks, Steve had completed all of his deliverables. We now have a Phase 2 authorization from the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulations."

Confident Businessman

"For the past 2 years I had a vision of making it into the cannabis industry. CLS got me there. My first contact with CLS was incredible. I received a warm greeting from the staff and was immediately transferred to CLS' lead attorney. Steve Baghoomian walked me through the entire licensing process from the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulations all the way through the Bureau of Cannabis Control. He described several pitfalls I needed to watch out for and what mistakes other businesses were making in the space.

"My first contact with CLS

was incredible."

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