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chemical solvents to extract the active ingredients from whole marijuana flowers. 


Bureau of Cannabis Control – Licensing Information


The City Council is currently considering amendments to the cannabis procedures that will impact the process and timeframe for accepting and reviewing commercial cannabis license applications from new businesses.

Key Items to Consider Before Applying For a Cannabis License


In order to become a licensed cannabis business in Los Angeles, you must meet certain criteria to successfully sell, cultivate and manufacture cannabis products. Per the City of Los Angeles Cannabis Regulation agency, the following guidelines will determine your current eligibility.

In order to sell cannabis, and or cannabis products, through a storefront and delivery, You must obtain a storefront retail license.

In order to sell cannabis by delivery only you must obtain a non-storefront retail license.

In order to manufacture cannabis products, you must obtain a manufacturing license

In order to grow cannabis, you must obtain a cultivation license.

In order to distribute or transport cannabis, you must obtain a distributor's license.

In order to test cannabis for other licensees in a laboratory setting, you must obtain a testing license.

Location and Business Premises Requirements

In order to engage in commercial cannabis activity, you must have a designated physical location, leased or owned by the Applicant or Licensee . Our team of real estate agents at Cannabis Licensing Services, can help you facilitate a location to meet the City of Los Angeles' location requirements.

Sensitive Use Distance Requirements

The City of Los Angeles requires that businesses gainfully operating with a cannabis license meet the Sensitive Use Distance requirements strictly following the following restrictions:

  • A licensed retail storefront must be outside of a 700-foot radius of a School, Public Park, Public Library, Alcoholism or Drug Abuse Recovery or Treatment Facility, Day Care Center, and Permanent Supportive Housing, and any other licensed storefront retailer.

  • A licensed non-storefront retailer (delivery), distributor, cultivator, non-volatile manufacturer or testing lab must be outside of a 600-foot radius of any School.

  • A volatile manufacturer must be outside of a 600-foot radius of any School and a 200-foot radius of any Residential Zoned Property.

  • The landowner of your place of business must give you written consent which allows you to conduct commercial cannabis business on the property. The City of Los Angeles WILL NOT process your license application if you do not provide written authorization.


Please contact CLS for more information regarding cannabis licensing, and how to get started with the application process.

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