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California Cannabis Manufacturing


The California Department of Public Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB) is vested with the authority to issue cannabis manufacturing licenses. MCSB currently offers 5 types of cannabis licenses: Type 7 (volatile); Type 6 (non-volatile); Type N (infusions); Type P (packaging and labeling); and Type S (shared space use). Each of these licenses types permits a license-holder to perform specific manufacturing activities; however, as explained below, a “higher” license type permits a license holder to perform all the activities “beneath” it.


Type 7 (volatile): A Type 7 volatile manufacturing license authorizes a license holder to use volatile solvents such as butane, hexane, and propane in the manufacturing process. Also, a Type 7 license holder may perform any activities authorized by Type 6, Type N, and Type P licenses. In certain respects, this makes a Type 7 license the most flexible license to hold, because it permits the license holder to perform nearly every activity permitted by the California Code of Regulations. One of the drawbacks to a Type 7 manufacturing license is the City of Los Angeles if currently not granting authorization for any volatile extractions within the City limits, so prospective applicants will need to look elsewhere for a Type 7 license.


Type 6 (non-volatile): A Type 6 license holder is authorized to perform manufacturing activities using other types of solvents in the manufacturing process, including ethanol, carbon dioxide, water, and oil. Moreover, a Type 6 license holder is authorized to perform any activities made permissible by a Type N or Type P license. The City of Los Angeles currently authorizes non-volatile extraction activities within city limits.


Type N (infusion): A Type N license authorizes a license holder to create a cannabis product by incorporating either cannabis extracts or plant material into a recipe. Typically, an infusion license is applied for by those companies looking to create marijuana edible goods, including brownies, cakes, and cookies. A Type N license holder may also conduct any activities made permissible by a Type P license.


Type P (packaging and labeling): Seen as the most limited license, a Type P license authorizes a license holder to only package and label cannabis products produced by either a Type 7, Type 6, or Type N license holder. A Type P license holder is not authorized to engage in any other activities except those explicitly authorizes by the Type P license. 


Please contact CLS for more information regarding cannabis licensing, and how to get started with the application process.

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