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The Los Angeles Cannabis Licensing Process IS NOT that Complicated.

Photo by Austin Censor on Unsplash

Attorneys and consultants (some masquerading as pseudo attorneys) are on a feeding frenzy. Several of our clients were almost the catch of the day. Many will tell you the Department of Cannabis Regulations (DCR) licensing application process is complicated, thorough, and requires hundreds of man hours to navigate, not to mention, hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments. It is not. To the contrary, the process in Los Angeles is relatively simple with little actual oversight.

In most jurisdictions very few licenses are issued (see Hollywood). Companies spend millions in consulting fees to retain the best lawyers, architects, brand managers, and application writers to ensure they are among the 1% that are issued a license. Many times, a jurisdiction will receive 200 applications for 1-2 licenses. In these cases, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees is money well spent. However, the City of Los Angeles is completely different.

In Los Angeles, the most critical step is finding a compliant property. Once a compliant property is secured, subsequent procedures will be addressed in an efficient manner. For example, compared to the State of California, the DCR has a short list of requirements to obtain a cannabis authorization. The inspection process is quick, painless, and collaborative. The DCR is also painfully understaffed with less than two dozen employees managing thousands of applications.

This is why Cannabis Licensing Services should be your only choice. We used tried and tested Standard Operating Procedures to make sure your application meets the City of Los Angeles’ strict criteria. We tailor only those aspects that are unique to your operation. This strategy minimizes risk and saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars in fees. We also implement a streamlined workflow, requiring clients handle certain simple tasks on their own to save money in the long run.

DO NOT BE FOOLED! The City of Los Angeles cannabis licensing process is not complicated. And it should not cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Contact CLS for an efficient and cost-effective alternative.

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