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At Cannabis Legal Services, we provide assistance in all areas of legal specifications, policies, and standards of law, as it pertains to cannabis retailers, distributors and cultivators. Our specialized, lead attorney, Steve S. Baghoomian, has  extensive experience in the commercial cannabis industry, and is active in cannabis-licensing-compliance-consulting throughout the state of California. CLS is able to provide our clients with expert state and county expertise, providing experienced knowledge in the field of cannabis licencing criteria, including, but not limited to: building codes, packaging and labeling, product storage, advertisement and legal restrictions. We will ensure that your cannabis licensing procedure is efficient and withing state and local regulations.


Please contact our attorney, Steve S. Baghoomian for a detailed explanation of the current state of the cannabis business, and your lucrative business investment.


Cannabis Legal Services believes that sustainable business objectives must be clear, concise and, wherever possible, expressed in measurable terms. Establishing a well-organized business plan, expert guidance and personalized case management is essential in delivering our business model.  CLS is committed to providing you with the best possible plan to achieve a successful entrepreneurship within the cannabis industry.


The staff at Cannabis Legal Services have worked on some of the most intensive licensing projects across the nation, including Ohio’s notorious medical marijuana application process. We have obtained several local and state cannabis authorizations for our clients throughout California, including each type of non-retail license, both volatile and non-volatile cannabis extraction licenses, and are in the process of registering several facilities as Type S - Shared Use facilities.

Please contact CLS for more information regarding cannabis licensing, and how to get started with the application process.

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